What We Do

Jestermen Entertainment creates entertaining books, comics, games, graphic novels and animated films. All of its projects target digital mediums such as smart phones, tablets, e-readers and personal computers in an effort to embrace the world’s ever-growing technologies.

Who We Are

Jestermen was founded by Matt Jordan and Adam Testerman in 2011. They both live in Nashville, Tennessee, having met while working as ActionScript 3.0 developers for QuaverMusic.com. Their ability to work well together on the job soon turned into a strong friendship, eventually leading them to create Jestermen. Matt and Adam’s work ethics and high production standards have given them both confidence in each other and the future of Jestermen Entertainment.

Where We’re Headed

Several projects are either currently underway or are in the planning stages. All major electronics platforms will be represented with projects, including iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, Mac, Android smart phones and tablets, Kindle, Nook, and PCs.

For regular updates on Jestermen’s ongoing projects, please follow our blog.